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Expert and Pro Tier drafts


I was lucky enough to be part of the Campbell league draft and online for the experts draft. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Wales draft and by all accounts I missed a great one. The Wales draft has already had a great following online as most GM's have already expressed their opinions on how it went.


As you will notice in the following (or already have noticed), I am not someone that will impress you with big words and fancy writing, I'm more of a numbers guy. So bear with me.


Some things were pretty common – Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin 1-2-3 in all drafts; and other things weren't – H. Sedin being drafted everywhere from six (Wales) to 26 (Campbell) and Datsyuk slipping all the way to 43 in Campbell after being drafted at 17 in the other two.


The Experts Draft

The Goalie Difference

The first 10 G's were drafted by pick 30 (30 and 23 in the pro leagues)

Halak – Drafted at 36, the pro leagues drafted him at 7 and 19

Rask – Drafted at 34, the pro leagues drafted him at 22 and 24

Anderson – Drafted at 22, the pro leagues drafted him at 39 and 40

Quick – Drafted at 64, the pro leagues drafted him at 35 and 43

Thomas – Drafted at 190, the pro leagues drafted him at 138 and 162


The 'D' Difference

Top 20 D's drafted by pick 105 (91 and 95 in the pro leagues)

As expected Green was the top D drafted in every league

Chara – Drafted at 27, the pro leagues drafted him at 44 and 49

Gonchar – Drafted at 55, the pro leagues drafted him at 65 and 77

Markov – Drafted at 60, the pro leagues drafted him at 71 and 73

Visnovsky – Drafted at 63, the pro leagues drafted him at 77 and 89




The Comments


Unfortunately for the Grizzlies he had something come up just before the draft and was left to the Yahoo rankings for the first 17 rounds or so. Sure he got top notch centers but he didn't get a G (Nittymaki) until round 9 or a D (Goligoski) until round 11 and a Yahoo favourite Mathieu Carle (Mon-D) in Round 18! Nobody envies his position but this could lead to a lot of offers/trades in the early weeks.


Sin Bin Sinner's gave Yahoo the finger with all the high ranked C's and waited until Round 13 to draft his first C but also finished off his C by picking up a C in each of the next 3 rounds.


Lemon's HC was the only team to start his draft going with 2 G's and all teams except Grizzlies (Yahoo) and Long Pond Pumpkins (Quick in round 6) had at least 1 goalie in the first 3 rounds.


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