Looking Ahead – Week 2

Dave Poleck




The first week of the NHL season is done and near the top of your NHL standings with a 3-0 record… the Toronto Maple Leafs? Should be an interesting year.


As for the upcoming seven day schedules, be wary of a few "best bet" teams playing stretches of road games. Sometimes, teams actually prefer long road trips at the beginning of the season in order to pull the group together, but it is still something you will want to keep an eye out for.


Carolina from Sunday to Saturday, Anaheim from Wednesday to Tuesday, and LA from Friday to Thursday play ALL four of their games on the road. Both Anaheim (4.30) and LA (4.25) are the top ranked teams for those respective weeks. The Ducks were outscored 13-2 in their first three road games of the season, so be wary.


While the Canes (3.87) aren't the top ranked, they head to Vancouver and then through the Pacific Division's toughest; San Jose, LA and Phoenix. The European teams will be slowly making their way back into your fantasy lives over the course of this weekend. The Blue Jackets play Friday, while Boston, San Jose and Phoenix all play Saturday.


With the help of Jason Arbuthnot's fantastic/phenomenal/incredible Fantasy Planner, I want to take a look at some of the long term trends that poolies should keep note of over the next few weeks.


As I said above, the Bruins open their North American schedule this Saturday. But don't let the fact that they're coming off a two European game week fool you into thinking you should stock up on Boston players. At least not just yet. They only play seven games between this Saturday, October 16 and November 3. In that stretch, they face New Jersey, a home and away with the Capitals and dare I say it, the Maple Leafs.


The Canes on the other hand, don't play their actual home opener until October 27 against Washington. Their second home games is against Crosby and the Penguins. Lucky them.


Another team to back off from until November begins is the Detroit Red Wings. They only play four games over the next 14 days, and six over the next 21 days. Loo