Time travel in a Delorean, season saving goalies, and falling Leafs.

Tim Arnold




Another week of fantasy puck has nearly come and gone.  Here are some of my own musings from the week that was.


First off, an update on the Missing Persons case involving Marc Andre Fleury.  There was a Fleury sighting Friday night when he picked up a WIN vs the TB Lightning.  MAF made only 15 saves in the game and I got a serious kick out of listening to the Penguins announcers proclaiming that it was by far his best game of the season to date.  How piss poor is it that a 15 save performance is deemed as your best game to date?  Thankfully he followed up with more of a challenge in Saturday’s victory of the Thrashers. Fleury has a major test coming this week when the Pens host the Canucks.  I'm reluctant to start him yet, but if you're in a league where you need to make a minimum number of starts and you're stuck, you may have no choice but to continue praying he doesn't get his ass handed to him and throw him in there.


The freefall of the Toronto Maple Leafs continues.  I was debating with a buddy the other night over which Toronto sports franchise is the worst.  It's a serious toss-up between the Leafs and the NBA's Raptors, both owned by MLSE.  How pathetic is it that despite not having a playoff appearance in 16 years, and playing in the toughest division in baseball, that the Blue Jays are the city's most competitive sports franchise at the moment?  I don't count the Argos, kids.  CFL isn't a sport.  It's a great way to get caught up on the sleep you've been missing out on.


Prior to Saturday, the Leafs had been shut out three times in their past seven games, having lost all seven.  Coincidentally, their only true offensive threat, Phil Kessel, has not scored in those seven games, a career high which he finally stopped against Vancouver.  Lots of talk about firing Ron Wilson, but I don't think it would make any difference.  God could coach the Leafs, Jesus could center Kessel, Moses could play the other wing, and this team still misses the playoffs.


I own Kessel in two of my leagues this year, both leagues where SOG is a scoring stat. I figured going in that even if the team is brutal, he will be good for 30-40 snipes, and five-plus shots on net per game. Along with the missing goal production in the past two weeks, his shot average i