I Like…Big…Busts and I Cannot Lie (2010)

Ryan Ma




We're nearing a third of the way into the 2010-11 fantasy season and there has been a few busts to start the year. We'll discuss a few that have caught my attention and see if a deviation from the norm is expected or are things going to remain status quo to drive you further insane.


Drew Doughty

I generally don't like placing players who have sustained an injury as part of a bust list, but I think I can make an exception for Doughty. If you look at the overall numbers (seven points and 31 SOG in 19 contests) they aren't exactly horrendous, but what makes him a bust is the initial cost at the draft table. In Yahoo! leagues he was, on average, drafted with the 18th overall pick (round 2.3). When you are spending that high of a pick, especially a defenseman, you are definitely expecting encouraging results. His current 30-point clip just won't cut it if you're after a league championship in April. The bad news is that despite averaging 27:34 per contest for the last eight contests, Doughty has a giant gooseegg along with paltry 11 SOG during that span. He's turning into more of a Brian Campbell than a Mike Green, which isn't exactly a positive thing for fantasy purposes. The main difference between this season and last, is that the Kings' PP ran through DD in 2009-10. This season it's running mainly through Anze Kopitar and Justin Williams, leaving Doughty with the short end of the stick. Maaaasquito Buzz: Doughty owners are kind of between a rock and a hard place. If you try to deal him, you're not going to get anywhere near full value for him and you can't exactly just outright drop your second round pick. My suggestion is to hang tough and hope for the best, but I'm not confident that things will deviate much from the current situation.


Duncan Keith

Much like the situation with Doughty, those who invested just as high of a pick (22.1 overall) on Keith is probably feeling the pain as well. He started the 2010-11 season in blazing style with 12 points in the first 14 contests, but has slowed to a crawl with just five in the last 15. A lot of the drop-off could be attributed to him being overworked from averaging 29:10 per contest in October. The medicine to fix his problem is probably just some extra rest. The schedule becomes much more favourable to the Hawks (10 contests in the next 27 days), so look for him to get back to scoring at a more productive rate as the season progresses. Maaaasquito Buzz: With Marian Hossa, and possibly Patrick Kane out for an