DobberHockey in Vancouver

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The big event at the River Rock Casino/Resort was a lot of fun, and we have pictures to prove it! The staff at River Rock and within Lulu’s Lounge were fantastic, the hockey talk was rampant and beverages were consumed. Here are the pics…



Jeff Angus and the DobberHockey graphics designer Glen “AngelofHarlem” Hoos





Some fantasy hockey fanatics, including the casino general manager Rick Duff (the suit) who took a moment to sit down with us as well. Longtime reader Garth “hockeylifer” Mooney on the lower left, and Sam up top in the middle, Dave on the upper left.





Some more readers. I may have trouble remembering names here, but I’ll do my best. I know on the left is DAW, and in the middle is Tom “reeveta” Reeve, and on the right is John Turner of