A Look Back, Part II

Ryan Van Horne




It's been humbling looking back at some of the advice I've given. While some of it has been good – especially in Part I last week – this week I'm noticing more misses.


Looking back and re-assessing your judgment of players is a great exercise because it helps you adjust your evaluation skills. You see signs that you missed that would have told you a player was better than you thought, and you see which traits attracted you to a player like a moth to the light.

Here's a look back (chronologically) at some more players I've written about in the last year, and how good my assessment was.


Tyler Ennis – Ennis had nine points in his first 10 games with the Sabres last year and was named AHL rookie of the year. So far this season, he's on pace for 39 points which is a respectable total for a rookie on a struggling team. I told you not to let his size scare you away and many people have realized that Ennis has too much skill to let something like that stop him from producing in the NHL.


P.K. Subban – Mike Cammalleri nicknamed Subban 'Prime Time' during training camp and the nickname fits him; he has the personality and skills to be a star. Subban has struggled with defensive side of the game and has made his share of rookie blunders on the ice, but he will be fine. I'm not concerned with his lack of deference to veterans on opposing teams; they are wearing a different colour sweater than he is. As long as he respects the hard-working veterans on his team and is coachable, he will be fine. He can chirp the likes of Mike Richards, Sidney Crosby and Chris Pronger all he wants.


Gustav Nyquist and Landon Ferraro – Nyquist returned to the University of Maine for his junior year and is off to another good start although he is not putting up points at the same pace he did last year. I wouldn't worry too much about that, but prepare to be patient with Nyquist as the Red Wings let their prospects season a long time. Ferraro was dealt to the Everett Silvertips in the offseason and became their captain. After a good start, he missed some time with an upper-body injury and is not producing. He's been a disappointment so far this season and I'm beginning to question his long-term offensive upside and his ability to stay healthy.


Nazem Kadri and Peter Holland – This column drew the ire of a lot of Leafs fans because I criticized Kadri and said that Peter Holland was going to be a better NHL player. I was relaying the opinion of my super scout, whose opinion I value. Kadri struggled in training camp and I don't think the Leafs handled him properly. They should have just let him pla