Don’t Mess With Chemistry

Justin Goldman




In what has to be one of the most interesting goalie dilemmas of the season, the Philadelphia Flyers are currently stuck with three goalies on their active roster. Russian rookie Sergei Bobrovsky, wily veteran Brian Boucher and the rehabbing Michael Leighton all have something to prove right now, which makes for quite the interesting fantasy predicament.





When it comes to the evil three-headed goalie monster, it's almost always a situation where one goalie's fantasy value surges and the other two suffer a serious drop. But every situation is different, so let's take a look at where each goalie's fantasy value stands and where each goalie is headed.


LEIGHTON – In my experience, lightning rarely strikes twice for an average goaltender. Last year, Leighton saw first-hand just how suddenly an opportunity can fall into his lap. But since he's the odd man out right now, what kind of work ethic and exposure can he possibly generate after being out of the lineup for so long? Not too much.


Truth be told, the entire fate of his fantasy value will come down to how he performs in his first start. If he plays well and gets the win, the door for more minutes will open accordingly to how strong of a game he has. If he struggles and suffers a loss, the door could slam shut…and it might never be pried open again.


Be sure to read this excellent piece with insight and quotes on Leighton's current situation by Sam Carchidi.


I won't speculate or project when Leighton's first start will take place. That's not really the issue at hand. What matters is his overall fantasy value in the coming weeks and months. And in my opinion, I don't see many positives outweighing the numerous negatives surrounding his game. He's coming off a back injury, he hasn't played an NHL game in months, the team in front of him is not used to or comfortable with him in net and he's considered rusty.


Short-Term Projection – Loses his first start and has to wait patiently for a second shot

Long-Term Projection – Does not have a positive or successful future in Philadelphia


BOBROVSKY – You couldn't ask for much more from a Russian rookie that literally exploded onto the scene in October. He was nowhere to be found on my Top-100 Prospects Rankings until June