Looking Ahead – Week 13

Dave Poleck




A tough decision can be made easier with these charts showing you the best five and worst five schedules for upcoming seven-day periods. Some of you used them last year but for the benefit of new readers here is a refresher. The number next to the team indicates the ‘multiplier’ to use on a player’s point-per-game pace to give you an idea how many points to expect for that week.


Two weeks ago I mentioned that I felt a new Northeast Division leader was on its' way as the Habs were setting out on a seven game road trip. After a 4-1 loss to the Lightning on Thursday, Montreal has fallen to 1-5 on that trip thus far and has now dropped to eighth in the East. The Bruins have basically made up six points since last week's article and are now three points ahead with two games in hand. It will be interesting to see how the Habs fare in their final game against Florida, and their subsequent games once they return home for six of seven.


The Best Bets for the Thursday week isn't very promising for poolies; NYI, St. Louis, Toronto, Minnesota, Boston. Guess which four teams are in the bottom third in goals for per game?


The Blackhawks only play eight games over the next 21 days, which will all but close the window you had to take advantage of their games played difference with a team like Detroit (who play ten in the next 21 days).

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The Panthers play nine of their next 11 games at home, where they have been a much more offensive team. They have averaged only 2.3 goals per game in 20 road games, but are scoring 3.2 goals in 14 home games this year. They have also played a league low 14 home games so far.


A few weeks ago, I made two separate deals trading away a Duck for a King when LA had five less games than Anaheim. One was Getzlaf for Kopitar. The other was a two for two deal involving Visnovsky leaving and Doughty joining. This is something I like to look at in every deal I do. Even gaining one extra game in a trade can be enough to swing it in your favour.