Buy-Low Bargains

Justin Goldman




Buy-Low Goaltenders


With the weekend acting as the NHL season's midway point, the time has come for fantasy managers to dissect their teams and make adjustments for the second half. And if you're one of the many managers looking to improve your goaltending stats, finding a buy-low bargain can set you on a course for late-season surges and playoff success.






Before I dive into what I believe are three quality buy-low bargains, I just wanted to make sure everyone saw all of the prospects updates I posted over the weekend. My Kevin Poulin scouting report includes an audio recap and a scouting chart from his first NHL start on Saturday here in Denver. Then I posted the January updates for my Top-100 Prospects Rankings and my NHL Goalie Depth Charts as well. Now back to business.


Backed by wisdom and experience, a quality NHL goaltender rarely struggles for an entire season. If a veteran has a weak first half, there's a good chance they will find a way to re-focus and re-energize in time to salvage their season. If a rookie or sophomore struggles in the first half from a statistical standpoint, most will adjust to the faster pace and improve drastically, especially if they log more minutes.


When it comes to extracting a buy-low candidate from the goaltending ranks, you need to keep in mind a couple of different factors and dynamics. Scrolling through the different goalies available in your league will present a number of different options, including free agency, trades and risky moves that could make or break your season.


First of all, it's not always wise to pick the most talented goalie with the weakest stats. Focus on different elements of progress from their most recent performances. Are they making timely saves and improving their power play save percentage? Are they showing more consistency and durability? Has their role increased in the past few weeks, or has it waned due to the stronger play of another?


Most importantly, the biggest dynamic to dissect when looking at buy-low candidates is their current confidence. Is it low with the opportunity to rise up? Is it currently surging upward with no ceiling in sight? Did they have amazing success in the second half of last season?


In my opinion, that final aspect reveals to me that a goalie like Jonas Gustavsson is a viable buy-low candidate. Here's three more quality buy-low candidates that could your struggling season around.


Martin Brodeur – The first key to analyzing Brodeur's potential as a buy-low candidate is looking at his attitude and demean