January 17, 2011

Dobber Sports



The Midseason Guide, you can buy it here, re-released just this past Friday. Get yourself organized and ready to go in the second half by picking up this great read.


FORUM update: I think we’ve recovered the lost posts of the last 24 hours, but in exchange we lose the posts of the last three hours. I apologize for this. If we put those back, then we will lose any posts you are doing right now. The server is pretty much rolling now and everything we lost has been recovered except Frozen Pool. Still working on that. If we have to recover work done earlier, it may mean losing Forum posts that are happening now. So post at your discretion. I will let you know when it’s 100% safe to post (should be within 12 hours).


Some hilarious suggestions for the Streaky Boys tag. But can I use them to describe a player? Band-Aid Boy Gaborik is a great way to use “Band-Aid Boy”. But some of the suggestions, while very funny, just don’t flow well when describing a player. UNTIL, that is, 4T2 chimed in with the word “Windex”. Oh, me likey. I think the Windex Boys is a great nickname for those frustrating players.


The new server – I’m already noticing a big uptick in speed of page loads. You? Anyway, known problems that we are solving: Frozen Pool fantasy tools – a fix is coming. Also, I’m not getting most emails, nor is the admin email address or any dobberhockey address for that matter. So if you’ve emailed anyone on staff, hang in there, we’ll get them… eventually. Also, DobberBaseball lost an article during the conversion.


Welcome to my new server. Tell me what you think of the performance! This is what buying the Midseason Guide does for all of us – upgrades the website. This badboy is now running on 8 GB of RAM – double what it was.


Bryan McCabe has a broken jaw and will miss at least the next two weeks. He also has a broken finger. Keep an eye on Dmitry Kulikov, who had two points including one on the PP Saturday.


Great insight (and perhaps some hope?) on Andrei Kostitsyn’s possible turnaround.


Wayne Simmonds has been placed on IR with a LBI. Look for the likes of Ponikarovsky and Richardson, perhaps Lewis, to pick up the slack in ice time. Kevin Westgarth gets back into the lineup.


Prospect Matt Halischuk was recalled yesterday and got into his first career game as a Predator. He played just under 10 minutes and was pointless, though. He’s not having the greatest AHL campaign, (16 in 29 games)


Now it’s done. The Blues have signed Kyle Wellwood. Blues fans were hoping this wouldn’t get done. Buck up – maybe another team will claim him off of waivers. Wellwood’s presence will eat into the ice time of either Sobotka or D’Agostini, both of whom were doing quite well.


Back from the minors – Brett MacLean has been recalled by the Coyotes. Notice these call-ups are happening more frequently…


Whenever I see a headline like “Moulson wants to stay with Islanders“, I immediately think “okay, Moulson is going to be traded soon.” Funny how that works.


Ryan O’Reilly’s injury was to his shoulder and the buzz in Colorado is that he did not suffer a head injury