Burnsy: Time to cut bait on these falling stars

Chris Burns



One of the classes I remember most from college (and I don't remember much) is Economics 101. The highlight of this course always seemed to be the section on Supply & Demand, and that folks is why I took a hiatus from DobberHockey.com in the first place. I needed to create a demand for my column … I needed to feel the love of the Dobber minions in order to satisfy my ego … and my wife stopped believing that drinking a case of beer was "part of the creative process".


While I'd like to believe that the recession has not ignored the fantasy hockey world, and that Dobber called back his "Ace" in order to stop the hemorrhaging, the fact is that I just felt it was time to return with a weekly column because SOMEBODY needs to be on board who can make you spit coffee and wet your pants before even brushing your teeth (or tooth) in the morning. Time to start looking forward to Wednesdays again boys (and girls if by some miracle there are any that visit this site)


In keeping with the Economic theme, I'd like to take a look at some players who have been top 20 fantasy picks for the past decade, but seem to me to be entering the danger zone. I'm not talking the Mark Recchi types here, but rather the players who could very well have a few more great fantasy seasons in them … but I just really doubt it.


CHRIS PRONGER – The game has changed and Pronger hasn't. The league has made his punishing (dirty) style of play a thing of the past and at 36, the average- at-best speed he once had is now dwarfed by the warp speed play of the young stars. Add in the fact that he is 6'6" and only 205 lbs. and you begin to understand why his injury flea has become a full grown injury bug. Fifteen-plus years of pounding on his rickety frame has added up, although I would still take him as my main d-man in the playoffs over any other.


MARTIN BRODEUR – You don't set every major goaltending record of the modern era by not playing in a sh**load of games, and I for one feel that all those 70-plus game seasons are beginning to take their toll. Add in the fact that the Devils are a team without an identity (are they still kidding themselves that they are a defense orientated  team after spending 1.5 Billion on Kovalchuk) and I begin to see a pattern of nagging injuries, weak support up front, age, and a transition at some point to the goalie of the future. Based on this I would bet good money that Brodeur doesn't see another 30-win season.


JAROME IGINLA – He shoots when he should pass, he passes when he should shoot, and he no longer has the size/speed combination that made him so dangerous in the past. He seems too young to be past his prime, but for some reason he has not flourished in the new style NHL. Perhaps he is just sick of facing those bitchy faced Sutter's every day, but something is missing from his game and I'm not sure there is enough time left in his career to find It again. Perhaps a move out of cow-town would re-energize him for a few more years, but at his current numbers, he just isn't worth a top round pick anymore.


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