January 21, 2011

Jeff Angus



Peter Forsberg has started practicing with the Avalanche. More info here.


Interesting news to say the least – he makes Brett Favre look like a straight shooter with his decisions. As a hockey fan I’m very excited as Forsberg was my favorite player growing up. Not sure he has anything left in those legs/feet.


Dean Lombardi gets fined $50,000 for criticizing the integrity of the league. Curtis Glencross gets fined $2500 for drilling Clayton Stoner’s head into the boards from behind. All’s fair, right?


Angus here – my thoughts on the Nabokov situation coming very shortly…


Dobber here – Panties in a knot, anyone? A lot of backlash from Howard owners. Sorry guys, Howard will be useless – for this season, I should have specified – when Nabokov joins the Wings. Take Howard out back and shoot him? LOL that comment was funny. Listen, Nabokov will cannibalize some starts. No arguing that. I think he’ll cannibalize half the starts between now and early March – and most starts down the stretch. In most league formats, having a goalie who splits his starts is, well, worthless. You want a goalie who starts most games, not a 1A/1B situation. So upset Howard owners, untangle those panties, take a deep breath, and face reality.


I’m working on a very extensive piece on the NHL’s Guardian Project that will give you my take, the information that I was able to gather from conversations with Mark Schultz of the NHL and Adam Baratta of the Guardian Project, as well as my expert insight on the characters. I say “expert” as a former comic book collector and Stan Lee buff. I will also draw a pretty … blurry line that relates this to fantasy hockey and why we need this to work. Watch for it and get your kids/neighbor’s kids to read!

The Red Wings have to have an arrangement with the Devils where the Devils claim Nabokov off of waivers and then hold him for the required week and then waive him again, giving the Red Wings first waiver dibs. It’s a loophole in this system. What’s in it for the Devils? We’ll find out. But I really do believe there is something going on. Otherwise, why on earth would the Wings think they can sneak him through at that price? They can’t. So I’m sure they’ll compensate New Jersey somehow. To those Howard owners out there – sorry for your loss. Worthless soon.


Also – out yesterday was my Puck Daddy piece, and the day before that was my fantasy mailbag over at The Hockey News. Sorry for no links. I’ll try and grab them later when I have a moment, or maybe Angus will throw them up for me. Or you could sniff around those sites yourself!


Ilya Bryzgalov had a strong game last night, stopping all 36 shots he faced for a shutout. He has struggled at times this season (especially compared to last), but there aren’t many better goalies to own in your pool.


Craig Anderson is playing horrid hockey right now. Battling through an injury, perhaps? This is a contract year so he has motivation to keep playing, although his terrible stats aren't helping the cause at all.


Glad to see Steve Kouleas is joining TSN with his own hockey show – I really enjoyed his segments on The Score &