Looking Ahead – Week 17

Dave Poleck



A tough decision can be made easier with these charts showing you the best five and worst five schedules for upcoming seven-day periods. Some of you used them last year but for the benefit of new readers here is a refresher. The number next to the team indicates the ‘multiplier’ to use on a player’s point-per-game pace to give you an idea how many points to expect for that week.


For those of you in leagues with a combined Week 16 and 17 due to the All-Star Game, I have included a schedule for the week of Tuesday February 2 to Sunday February 6. I hope that helps anyone who might be behind going into this break. The Hawks are the lone team with one game during this shortened week, and the face the mighty Canucks at home. If you're already behind this week and are holding onto someone expendable like a Bickell or Campbell, you can gain two games by adding someone from Edmonton, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New Jersey or Montreal (the only five teams with three game weeks).


The early part of this week's schedules are all still showing repercussions of the All-Star Break, but things are back to normal once we get to mid week. Over the next two weeks only the Penguins, Devils, Canadiens and Leafs play six games. The Ducks are on the opposite end with only three games over that span and six over the next 21 days.


Instead of fighting for the Pacific Division like many expected, the Sharks and Kings both sit on the playoff bubble at the Break and both get to look forward to long road trips once it's over. San Jose plays eight of their next ten on the road, while the Kings play ten straight away from the Staples Centre where they are only 10-13-0.


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The Preds have a chance to make up some ground on the Red Wings, not only with seven of their next nine at home, but two of which are against Detroit.


Two down, ten to go. Tampa's 12 game homestand got off to a good start last week; two victories with a combined score of 9-1. They sit with six other teams at 16 wins on home ice (second most), but have still only played 22 games there.

Enjoy the All-Star festivities and check back next week for a look which teams you are going to want to focus on in your fantasy playoffs.


Tuesday February 4 to Sunday February 9, 2010