Looking Ahead – Week 19

Dave Poleck




When do your fantasy playoffs start? Does your league mirror the NHL and have your season run right up until game 82? Or do you end it a week early in fear of having your top guns taking a few games off to rest nagging injuries? Either way (I prefer the latter), if you plan your cards right, your sixth seeded team that barely made it could breeze to the finals, subsequently annoying your entire group of friends and giving you bragging rights for the summer.


With that being said, you are only going to take advantage of that if you know who to target beforehand. So I give you a look ahead to the three (or four) potential fantasy playoff weeks this season. Use this information wisely now, make trades and additions now. You can bet other managers in your league aren't thinking about it yet. Unfortunately for this exercise, I am only going to look at the generic Monday to Sunday weekly schedule.


March 14 – 20 March 21- 27
Anaheim STL at LA CGY
at DAL at NAS <