An Expert’s Audit: February

Ian Fergusson




Welcome back to An Expert's Audit.  I took a little time off to address some other issues but I'm hoping to be back on the horse regularly soon.  I'll be looking for a chump … er, I mean participant for next month's audit so if you're interested in that then you can fire off an email to Dobber about it and leave your league and team particulars in your email.


I was pleased to help Manny Sequeira with his points league (with a couple tweaks) keeper team this month.  There wasn't a waiver wire option here so we could only work to improve a team through trades.  We did have to discuss which 12 options he should look to keep for next season and that was a fun discussion at the same time.  It should also be noted that you had to start 6 D and 1 G while the rest could be any forward and goals for a D-man are worth 2 and Wins for a goalie are also worth 2 with an extra point for a shuttie.  Without further ado let's take a look at Tea with Miss McGill (brownie points for whoever gets the reference).


F Alex Ovechkin WAS – what can I say, he's supposed to have close to 40 by now and battling for the league lead.  I think he's taking this defensive conscience idea too much to heart and I'm hoping that he returns to monstrous form sometime very soon.


F Mike Richards PHI – he's more valuable to the Flyers than he is to your fantasy team.  In a simple points league he's still very dangerous but the intangibles in his game make him among the best leaders and best assets in the NHL.


F John Tavares NYI – I believe we have yet to see the great things that we're expecting from this kid.  I could see some Rick Nash or Jarome Iginla type prominence from JT one day.  That'll mean several seasons of 40 plus goals soon.


F Ryan Getzlaf ANA – did you see the Frankenstein gash on his forehead recently?  Now THAT'S a hockey player!  I like that he's a pt/game option who's not afraid to get all PIMy.  For your purposes you just care about the pt/game thing.


F Alex Steen STL – his dad is a city councillor here in Winnipeg, and I'm sure a lot of folks voted for him just because they remember his days as a Jet.  As far as the son is concerned he's a very much underrated C2 who can produce like a few C1's.  He's on pace for 63 pts this season which is pretty decent for a guy who's supposed to be a support guy but getting enough ice to be THE guy.


F Brian Gionta MON – it's weird the lack of assists he's gotten as a Hab, he's shooting about as much as he did as a Devil but there is significantly less assists over the last two seasons.  He also has never come close to his 48 goals from '05-06.  I don't think he has all that much value to be honest.


F Jordan Eberle EDM – he's a rook who's on pace for 56 pts.  I'll definitely take that from him, particularly when I think that it's only going to get better from there.


F Ryan Callahan NYR – there's a good number of young Rangers that are worth watching in keeper pools and Callahan is right out front for the Blueshirts.  He and Doobie (that would be Brandon Dubinsky) should lead the way for them for a lot of years.  50 pts this season is probably reasonable for him but will just begin to sh