Boyes to Buffalo

Jeff Angus




Fantasy Impact: The Buffalo Sabres have traded for sniper Brad Boyes from the St. Louis Blues. In exchange, the Blues will receive Buffalo's 2011 2nd round draft pick.


The Sabres get: A former three-time thirty-goal scorer who has struggled to produce consistently over the past two seasons. The Chris Stewart acquisition last week was probably the final nail in the coffin for Boyes as a Blue. This trade also indicates that the Sabres intend to be buyers at the deadline – don't expect to see them move a player out unless it is a 'hockey' move (not for futures). Boyes is somewhat similar to a few wingers in Buffalo, most notably Drew Stafford. He'll provide an immediate boost to their PP, as he has one of the best one-timers in the league (although you wouldn't know it from watching him miss the net and fan on shots all season).


The biggest reason for his offensive decline – a lack of confidence. He does have 26 points in his last 29 games, though. Must be nice as a Sabres fan to see the team take on a $4 million salary instead of trying to shed one.


Fantasy Players Impacted:

This trade boosts Boyes's value in the short term, as a change of scenery will probably give him some added incentive to pick up his play. In St. Louis, this opens up a spot in the top six for Matt D'Agostini, and it also may indicate that the Blues are ready to throw the towel in on 2010-11.


It creates a bit of a log-jam up front for the Sabres, and takes away ice time from Stafford, Nate Gerbe, and Tyler Ennis. Buffalo has a pretty decent set of forwards as it stands – Thomas Vanek, Derek Roy (injured), Tim Connolly, Boyes, Stafford, Ennis, and Gerbe. Don't forget about Zach Kassian and Luke Adam, either.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Boyes

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2. Derek Roy (next season)

3. D'Agostini

5. Connolly (if he isn't traded)

6. TJ Oshie

7. Vladimir Tarasenko (long-term)


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Gerbe

2. Stafford

3. Paul Byron