Desperate Measures

Justin Goldman




Shout it from the hills – the playoffs are here! It's time to polish the trophies, drop your cold hard cash on the table and do whatever it takes to finish first, second or third in your league. If you made it this far, you didn't get here without solid goaltending. And if that's true, you're probably confident with those same goalies heading into the first round. But what if you struggle to start the week and you're left scrambling for points over the weekend?




Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. That means you'll essentially have to rely on the waiver wire and free agent pool to salvage your week. So allow me to present you with a list of goalies that should be readily available in most leagues and still provide you with a chance for some points over the next few weeks. Before I list them, however, there are a few different dynamics to keep in mind if you're forced to find a goalie in the 11th hour.


First of all, be sure to check their strength of schedule. If they are playing against playoff-bubble teams, then they might not be able to match the intensity needed to win. Secondly, consider their role with the team and their contract status. If the goalie is set to become an UFA and has an uncertain future, he'll probably play with a stronger sense of urgency. Consider this the Craig Anderson dynamic, as fighting for a new deal leads to motivated, alert, focused play.


Aside from those dynamics, be sure to read this great thread posted in the Dobber Forums. As you can see, there are many different statistical elements to consider when choosing whether to start, bench or pluck a goalie off the free-agent wire. You just have to weigh these factors for yourself, while always trusting your gut! I made sure to leave some of my own thoughts in there as well. In my opinion, my instincts trump almost any other statistical factor.


Just a disclaimer – the goalies below are not listed in any particular order. But just to get some feedback, how would you rank these goalies in order of potential value for the rest of the season? Leave your ranking below and I'll leave mine later this afternoon!