Fish or Cut Bait Part 2

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With the end of the 2010-11 season in sight, it’s time to gauge who’s going to be amongst your keeper selections heading into next season. Of course which players end up staying on your rosters depends greatly on your league make up, number of keepers and your own personal risk tolerance. I've compiled a list of players that may have some question marks as protectable players in limited keeper leagues heading into next season.



(See Part 1 here)


Let me get this out of the way right now, I hate fishing. The score card is simple here; Fish means I find the player in a favourable light as a keeper for next season. Cut Bait means I’d rather throw this one back into the water and hope for a bigger catch. Be aware that I tend to be quite conservative with my protected players, preferring the vast majority of my keepers to come down on the proven side of the ledger. Here is Part 2:


New York Rangers


Ryan Callahan

Gut Feel:  Fish


I love how hard this guy competes. He started the year with 13 points in his first 11 games and has 15 points in his last 13 matches. Overall, he is scoring at a 68 point pace. After posting seasons of 40 and 37 points, I’m not convinced he is a 70 point player. He did record 84 points in 62 games in his last junior campaign. Depending on your league set up and number of keepers, you could do worse than keep this guy. You’ll never have to worry about him being in the coach’s dog house.


Derek Stepan

Gut Feel:  Fish


The rookie pivot came from seemingly nowhere to po