April 12, 2011

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Buy the Draft List here. Update: Based on feedback, I have made changes to the draft list so that it now allows you to choose any team in the second round and re-seed the tree however you like. Since I was already in there anyway, I re-ran “my” personal picks and also added in Scott Parse and adjusted Williams and Clowe. This thing just keeps getting better!


My article in The Hockey News – more help for your playoff draft!


Not only does it look promising for Justin Williams, but Scott Parse could make a surprise return for the first round for the Kings.


For those hardcore poolies who look at all factors – Dustin Brown and his wife had a baby yesterday.


It’s looking more and more as though Dan Ellis will start Game 1. I don’t believe that will be the ongoing case, but for the first game I think it will happen.


Ryane Clowe is back in practice. No word if he has the green light for the first game, but it sounds like it.


I like Nashville. I find myself cheering for them – again- to get into the second round. But suddenly I realize – if the Preds go deep, the copycat NHL coaches/GMs could try to emulate them. Which would drag us back to the days of a bunch of 55-point players and zero 80-point players. That notion scares me, as a poolie.


Hungry for more playoff hockey pools? Want to hone your skills? Some members of the community are running some free ones that can be found in this section of the forum, including this annual one by “hockey is life”.


Here is an interesting take on why the Flyers will use both Bobrovsky and Boucher in the postseason – and why Leighton probably won't get into a game. I am of the opinion that Leighton has a pretty good shot at taking over this thing by Game 4. Because Bobrovsky has been blowing it lately and Boucher…well, he and Leighton went through this last year.


Candidates for the Devil's coaching job? Ken Hitchcock and Kirk Muller. I don't think they'll go down the unproven former beloved player route again.


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