April 29, 2011

Jeff Angus



Justin Goldman has gone big time on us! He has another gem of a piece over at NHL.com


Sidney Crosby suffered a bit of a setback last week. I think he’ll be fine with a full summer to recover, but no one knows for sure right now.


Jack Adams finalists – Bylsma, Vigneault, and Trotz. I love what Vigneault was able to do with a crazy amount of defensive injuries, and the same goes for Trotz and a mediocre offensive club (on paper). But Bylsma has to be the favorite – the fact that he was able to get the Penguins into the playoffs (and as a home seed, no less) with their injuries was a miracle.


Dobber: The Fantasy Prospects Report is now available for presale. I’ve also set up this year’s Keeper League Fantasy Pack and the ‘C’ version of the Ultimate Fantasy Pack. As I pound through this FPR, I’m getting pretty pumped – not only are we doing 10% more prospects, and not only are we incorporating my new 3YP projection stat… but with two more writers on board, the opinions get more focused and to me that’s a good thing.


Only one game on tap last night. My thoughts:


Nashville looked brutal for about 50 minutes. No offensive game whatsoever. No puck support, zero creativity, and only a handful of decent chances. Weber had a solid game, the rest of the defense was an adventure.


Pekka Rinne had a fantastic game – easily his best of the postseason. He stopped 29 of 30 shots, and I'd say about six or seven of them were grade A chances.


Shea Weber took a slash on the hand, but stayed in the game.


The Sedin twins combined for 12 shots – Henrik is playing with a bad back, but he looked much better last night than he did for most of the Chicago series.

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On defense, Keith Ballard had a solid game. I have no idea why he hasn't received more ice time. Obviously he is either playing through something (doubtful) or the coaches don't trust him yet. He is a talented defenseman, but saw zero offensive production because of the role he was placed in (third pairing babysitter) for most of 2010-11.


Apparently Max Pacioretty would have received the green light to return to the Montreal for round two.


Keith Ballard with an absolute beauty of a hip check – it was called clipping….


Two former Habs connect on the only goal – both had fantastic games (Higgins and Lapierre):