May 22, 2011

Dobber Sports



Brayden McNabb has been suspended for one game for his elbow to the head of Joey Hishon. McNabb is a top prospect for Buffalo and Hishon is a top prospect for Colorado – both players are profiled in the Fantasy Prospects Report that is out in 10 days. Hishon, who may be a little injury prone (continues to remind me of Mike Peca – unfortunately in this way too), is not skating today and may be out with a concussion.


Kudos to Angus for bringing you 10 consecutive days of ramblings. He must be fantasy hockey'd out.


Blink and you'll miss it. I blinked and missed Purcell's two goals yesterday. I tend to flip away…or not flip back to the game very quickly after the intermission if one team is walking away with it. That's two games in a row that it's burned me. I flip back and it's suddenly tied or the team has pulled within one. That's the beauty of hockey. I should know that by now!


Simon Gagne was a plus-4 with three points in the contest. He has 11 in 12 and is plus-7 in the postseason.


Mike Smith stopped 21 of 21 shots to steal the win. Say what you want about him but he's won his last four decisions and has stopped 135 of the last 139 shots that he has faced. My hunch is that the team continues to roll with Roloson…but you never know.


Some thoughts I've jotted down over the past week:


Glencross is a genius. $2.5 million per year for four years is brilliant. On the open market he might – stress might – have gotten about the same. Or he may have Dominic Moore'd his way to a desperate last-minute one-year deal at the end of September. The Flames could have spent that money more wisely. In fact, I suspect that they could have signed Glencross himself in mid-September for $1.5 million. Seriously – 45-point, versatile players are fairly common. No need to rush and sign them. As a GM, the only player I would ever work to sign is a Top 30 player. Otherwise, I would let him go to free agency. Every time. Now, I say the words "work to sign" – and that's key. If I don't have to "work to sign" them, then I have no problem re-signing players. If they come to me at a discount, i.e. a Todd Bertuzzi last summer, then I would naturally agree to the deal. But if there's no discount and you're not a Top 30 player, then I'm not chasing you with the deal you want. Dobber for GM!


The Detroit model is the best one – Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Lidstrom of course. Top 30 guys. Johan Franzen and Val Filppula, I could make an "out" clause for my agreement in that playoff studs can get signed too (Franzen was hurt this year, so this year's playoffs do not count). All other free agents on my team can re-sign at a discount (Bertuzzi). Cleary is the flaw – $2.8 million is not really a discount. But the other contracts are good ones.


Oops, back to Calgary – don't forget Matt Stajan! Another player signed before they needed to, and to a terrible contract. Man, there are some smooth-talking agents out there.


I love Justin Goldman's line on the Flyers' goalie situation after signing another hot European goaltender: "Convoluted and over-saturated madness."


And listen – the Flyers are not going to solve their goaltending situation via free agency. No way. If they don't trade a Jeff Carter or a Braydon Coburn for a top backup such as Cory Schneider (just an example), then it won't be solved. And you know what I think is best? Roll with Bobrovsky and Leighton and ONLY Bobrovsky and Leighton. Win your 30 games by February. If you don't trust the situation at that point, pick up next year's version of Dwayne Roloson. From a fantasy standpoin