May 30, 2011

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Fantasy Prospects Report – countdown is on – two days until release…


Torontonians we have narrowed the date of the DobberHockey Event down to two evenings – Thursday June 16 or Friday June 17. Join Justin Goldman, myself and other writers from around DobberHockey and the blogosphere at a pub near Yonge and St. Clair for drinks and hockey talk. Please vote on your preferred night!


Saint John wins the Memorial Cup, with help from a goaltender whom the Flyers walked away from last summer, and 30 NHL teams decided not to draft last June – Jacob De Serres. I gave my thoughts on him yesterday, but last night Goldman Tweeted some excellent observations during the game. Bottom line, we think he'll latch on in an organization this summer. Then it's just a matter of staying the course and getting the right guidance.


I chuckled when I was given examples of prior big CHL winners who turned into nothing. I'm not proclaiming De Serres king… I'm just saying he deserves to be a prospect within some NHL team's system. Nothing more, nothing less. So no more Jeff Glass and Kelly Guard examples (although, those are cool hockey names). Basically, if you read something I write and it strikes you as incorrect or stupid, then you're reading it wrong!


From a fantasy standpoint, I would rather own a goalie with a 1% shot at being a star starter in five years, then a goalie who is 100% going to be a weak starter in three years. Because the 1% guy I can cut loose in a year or two when it becomes clear he's going nowhere. With the surefire guy, I have to hang onto him and wait and see what happens…


Jonathan Huberdeau was the Memorial Cup MVP and Jordan Binnington upped his Draft status by taking top goaltender. So while he goes second/third round, De Serres – if he gets drafted as a 21-year-old, could be like a seventh rounder flyer by someone.

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The Oilers have signed Ryan Jones to a two-year contract. He strikes me as one of those solid players coming off the third line and chipping in 35 to 40 points… unless he auditions on a top line, clicks and Alex Burrows his way to 60-point highs. Bet on the former, as many players have the potential for the latter and few get there.


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