DobberHockey Expert Panel – The Cup Final

Jeff Angus



The panel (12-2 heading into this round, end up 12-3 after a VAN loss) is back for one more kick at the can! Four of our writers accurately predicted a Vancouver/Boston final – Ian Fergusson, Justin Goldman, Gates Imbeau, and Russ Miller. Gates leads the way with a stellar 12-2 record. On to the picks…


The breakdown:


Dobber 11-3
Angus 10-4
Bugg 7-7
Ma 6-8
Miller 11-3
Fergusson 11-3
Goldman 8-6
Imbeau 12-2
Kwiaton 9-5
Lancione 9-5
Laidlaw 11-3
Lucarelli 8-6
Poleck 10-4
Kom 9-5
Renaud 9-5


The picks:


Expert VAN vs. BOS Top Scorer Top Scorer
Dobber VAN in 6 H. Sedin Horton
Jeff Angus VAN in 6
H. Sedin