Roto Keeper Monsters – Goals/SOG

Gates Imbeau


Mike Green


Roto Keeper Monsters encourages poolies who play in rotisserie or H2H based leagues to recognize the importance of equalled category value. To accomplish that task, RKM combines both standard and unusual combo types, brewing unique results. This edition features the Top 21-30  Goals / Shots on Goal combo players and finishes of trilogy. Enjoy!

As you will soon notice, the regular "Potential" tag has been replaced by a new "Career Season" entry. With it comes a slightly different projected result. While numbers are generally rounded out to the nearest five, this option breaks that trend. Rather, when you look at a Career Season number, using a projected 42 goal player as example, expect two things: 1) At least once in his career, he will hit 40 goals and 2) he may or may not go on to hit 45. See legend below for more insight.

"Career Season" Legend – Using the example above, from 40 goals leading up to 45 goals –

One over (41 G) – not likely going to hit 45 goals in a given season
Two over (42 G) – May or may not hit 45 goals in a given season
Two away (43 G) – Decent chance at hitting 45 goals in a given season
One away (44 G) – likely going to hit 45 goals in a given season

21. Patrick Marleau

Even though Marleau fell to 21st among this crowd, he is fully capable of being bumped five or more spots into the Top 20. On draft day, Marleau always seems to slip. Simply skip over that forgettable 19 goal campaign in 2007-08, and you have yourself a quality goal scorer.  Average out his last six seasons and you get 34 goals – 37 without the season mentioned above. Marleau has also picked up the pace in the playoffs by putting in 16 goals in his last 32 post season games – not too shabby!

Consistent : 35 Goals, 275 SOG
Career Season: 46 Goals, 300 SOG

22. John Tavares

Last edition, it was mentioned that the entry league contract players would get their own ranking, and they will, but Tavares played too well not to be ranked alongside the "big boys". Finishing the season one goal shy of 30, that is a number Tavares will become all too familiar with – barring injury, of course.  Following in Stamkos' footsteps, he is poised to become the next 1st overall to hit 50 goals in a given season. It might not be next season, but rest assured, it will happen.

Consistent : 30 G, 250 SOG
Career Season : 52 G, 325 SOG