June 13, 2011

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Some-off-the-cuff thoughts – “rambles”, if you will – that popped into my head as I bounce around the Internet world/ procrastinate from writing player profiles for the Forecaster:


1. If Patrick Sharp gets traded – and I’m lukewarm to that idea, but it could happen – then Michael Frolik gets 65 points. If not, 50 again.


2. Vladimir Tarasenko staying in Russia this season means Alex Steen goes from 50 points to over 60. Little roster moves/ decisions such as these ones have intangible, but very big, fantasy impact and they happen every day.


To expand on why Dany Heatley will improve by 15 points next season or more:

1. 79 points is not a big leap of faith for him. He’s done if five times, including 18 months ago

2. He’s 30. That’s still his prime.

3. He played regular season games with a broken hand. Notice his assist total did not really go down, but his goals went from about 40 to 26.


I’m so certain that Boston will win at home tonight that I’m already planning to have some guys over for Game 7 in my man-cave. Game 7 will be a one goal game, probably overtime, and flip a coin on the winner…but I’m leaning towards Vancouver, who I said would win in the first place back in April.


Brett Connolly has signed an ELC with the Lightning. I expect him to get a long look in training camp and give better than even odds that he makes the team. If so, it could push Downie or Purcell to the other wing.


Interesting take by On the Forecheck on why the Preds should re-sign Joel Ward and trade Sergei Kostitsyn if they could only re-sign one of them (though they would prefer both be re-signed).

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Question on the Dobber Sports Facebook page:

In a standard H2H Keeper, do I trade my Byfuglien for his Heatley

Answer:  Yes. Byfuglien loses dual eligibility next year (did he already? I can't remember). I think he ups his points very slightly though, but the PIM should slip. Meanwhile, Heatley played hurt and I think he'll get at least 15 more points next season.


Looking forward to meeting you Toronto readers on Friday – the DobberHockey Event will be held at the Sports Centre Café at Yonge/St. Clair from 6pm until – whenever. So drop in and meet Justin Goldman and myself, as well as some of the forum members you may be familiar with. Gus Katsaros of McKeen's has told me he will be there, as well as Anthony Lancione, our NHL Picks writer. Just walk in, grab yourself a drink at the bar and come to the room they have reserved for me. Let's take a look at your fantasy team, and talk some puck!


Anything else you want me to tackle on this slow news day? Back later this morning…


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