The Top 100 Roto Players – June 2011

Gates Imbeau





Age, upside, value, team and positional requirements, among other influences, impact where players are ranked. As expected, those who continually fill up multiple roto categories are favoured and active roster players are the focus. Salaries and contracts are not in effect.

This is not a player-to-player draft guide simply because the flow of draft, positions required and many other needs come into play. Each month players will get shuffled up and down the standings based on pace, monthly performances, consistency and potential.

Diving right in – The Black Aces were busy this month hosting a few contests, recruiting two new beat writers and having a couple first-time forum posters delivering quality reports. Mapletreemarty (Colorado Avalanche) and Excelsior (Pheonix Coyotes) join our NHL coverage Section that now features 18 writers. Have a specific team orientated question? Go find these knowledgeable hockey enthusiasts.

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This edition recaps the first follow up to the "Hit or Miss" challenge, released in the May edition – go see if your answers match up to those of the consensus. While you are at it, check out Praba's June challenge and make sure to send in your answers to be part of next month's consensus – page 33.

For those of you who have followed the UHL draft on the DobberHockey forums, Calgary GM Eric Daoust shares his draft journals and reasoning behind his draft selections. Check it out, page 28.

And if you have not been following, check out page nine in order to find out who won the DobberHockey Banner Contest.

As always, enjoy some unreleased work by Brandon Praba, Brendan Ross, and Tyler K.