Regehr and Kotalik to Buffalo for Byron and Butler

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Fantasy Impact: The Calgary Flames traded Robyn Regehr and Ales Kotalik (plus a second-round pick) to the Buffalo Sabres for Chris Butler and Paul Byron.



The Sabres get: A stud stay-at-home defenseman and veteran leader, plus an under-acheiving but very familiar winger in former Sabre Kotalik. Great draft pick, too.


The Flames get: Some breathing room with the salary cap, plus a small, skilled player in Byron and a solid two-way rearguard in Butler.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Byron has gone from a marginal prospect to one of my favorites. Here is what we had in the Prospects Report:


Paul Byron, C (TY 102)

(LY – 402)


Byron is fast becoming a Dobber favorite, due to the unexplainable small/skilled player bias. A high-scoring player in the QMJHL, he had a so-so debut for Portland in 2009-10. But he really built on it this past season and even looked good during his cup of coffee with the Sabres. However, and we've said this a hundred times over the last three years, the Sabres are flush with small, skilled players. From Derek Roy to Tyler Ennis to Nathan Gerbe – this team has reached its quota and then some. But Byron is one of those players who thrives despite the odds, so it is unwise to count him out. He'll be a part-timer next season and a full-timer in 2012-13. The Sabres will make room. Somehow.


Upside: Stephen Weiss (27-43-70, 60 PIM)

Certainty (NHLer; Upside): 75%; 35%

3YP: (20-23-43, 50 PIM)


Now in Calgary, his certainty % just improved, as well as his 3YP. As for Kotalik – while he may rebound in Buffalo, it won’t be for 45 points or anything substantial. He’s still a dropsy in most leagues. I don’t see Butler becoming very fantasy relevant in Calgary.

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I believe that Marc-Andre Gragnani has proven himself enough such that his spot in the lineup is secure.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Byron

2. Kotalik

3. TJ Brodie


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order: