2011 Quick ‘Key’ UFA/RFA Tracker

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I threw together three lists, for your reading pleasure. The first list is the 95 best Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs). Let me know if I’ve missed any. The second list is the top Restricted Free Agents (RFA’s) – besides being offer-sheet targets, they are also trade targets. And I think trades will be a little more prevalent than in the past. The final list is just my take on where Brad Richards will go.


Nothing scientific in these lists. I really did just whip them together quickly to give you a ballpark idea of who is available and how interesting they are to me as a fantasy guy and hockey website owner…


Top 95 Unrestricted Free Agents





Restricted Free Agents of Interest

Either offer sheets, or trades, keep an eye on these guys. Those who are set to go to arbitration cannot sign an offer sheet, but they make excellent trade targets. Again – I just whipped this together for your reference, didn’t put too much thought or study into it.






Brad Richards – Dobber’s Odds


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