Flyers Sign Jaromir Jagr

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Fantasy Impact: With Pittsburgh and Detroit out of the mix, the Flyers swooped in and signed Jaromir Jagr to a one-year contract.


The Flyers get: One of the best hockey players in NHL history…at the very end of his career. He was a 70-point player when he left the NHL three years ago. Today, he is probably a 55-60-point player.


Fantasy Players Impacted: This signing means that Ville Leino will move onto a new team, which is unfortunate – he clicked with Daniel Briere and that line would have been in the spotlight. Jagr will fill in on the second line and mentor Jakub Voracek.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Jagr – treat him like a 57-point guy

2. Voracek – should be a good influence

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Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Leino – won’t be the same on another team

2. Wayne Simmonds – off the second PP unit

3. Andrea Nodl – loses ice time.