Jets Acquire Fehr from Capitals

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Fantasy Impact: The Winnipeg Jets have acquired power forward Eric Fehr from the Washington Capitals for Danick Paquette and a fourth-round draft pick.


The Capitals get: a decent draft pick and a long-shot prospect along the same mold as Fehr. Paquette plays hard, plays tough, but is likely destined to be a third liner (with a glimmer of upside on the second line).


The Jets get: an experienced power forward with the skills for the second line (and a glimmer of upside on the first). However, Fehr has proven inconsistent and injury-prone, which has hurt his development.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Fehr’s value was down to zero in Washington after the team acquired Troy Brouwer. This deal injects new life into him and he’ll get a lot of opportunities early on. He has two things going for him. One, he has proven that he can post points at a 70-point level over a 20-game span. Two, he’ll turn 26 in the fall, which is just entering his prime. Power forwards often break out at that age.


However, an injury at the wrong time could turn him right back into a “has-been”. His games played over the last five year: 52, 69, 61, 34 and 54. Doesn’t exactly scream “durable”.


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Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Fehr


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. It will eat into any PP time that Patrice Cormier may have expected.