Top 100 Roto Keepers – July

Gates Imbeau



This offseason edition of the Top 100 Roto Players
brings you hockey enthusiasts an excellent new series: "Hockey Analytics" by Doran Libin. Better known as Big_DL on the DobberHockey forums, Doran delivers a quality piece (and introduction) on the benefits of advanced metrics. Under the Poolie Journals title, we are handed a chance to explore a new side of analyzing statistics, giving us a great advantage over our fellow managers and competition. Be sure to check it out on page 19.


In other news, DobberHockey forum member "Sudden Death" has taken the task of covering the  Los Angeles Kings. If you haven't checked out our Team Coverage section's talent, make your way over and be sure to ask the contributors a question or two!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in a 24-plus team Dynasty? If yes, members from both the United Hockey League and International Dynasty Hockey League give interesting insight through journals and testimonials on their respective roster drafts and its results.

In case you missed it, our regular contributor and OHL expert, Brendan Ross, has been promoted to the DobberHockey front line, along with former "Dub and Chase" writer Tim Lucarelli. Tim now covers Russ Miller's Eastern Edge, out every Thursday, while Brendan humbly takes a load off of Matt Bugg's plate, and will soon publish frequent in-depth prospect reports. Congrats to both, well deserved.

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