July 22, 2011

Jeff Angus



Yashin’s agent Mark Gandler told a Russian paper that they are negotiating with one NHL team – the Islanders. I’m not sure if he is being serious or not, but the hilarity of a Yashin to Long Island return would know no bounds. Would he get paid more than he currently is NOT to play for the team? (His buyout is about $3 million per season.)


I’m working on my top 10 keeper league goaltenders list – here was my first set of rankings from last summer. There will be more than a few changes…


An interesting read on the still unsigned Shawn Matthias. Litter Box Cats is one of the better hockey blogs out there – they don't get a lot of press primarily because the Panthers don't get a lot of press.


Matthias provides size that Santorelli doesn't, but he isn't as proven or offensively skilled.


From the above link:


However, all is not lost for Matthias. DeBoer placed him on the wing a few games last season and he responded with some pretty good offensive efforts. He’s a natural center with good hands but has also played left wing in his career, and the Cats just so happen to be a little shallow at left wing. Booth and Sean Bergenheim are the only natural left wings on the roster, and so it’s possible Matthias is given a chance to see time at wing and refine his scoring touch while playing with less defensive responsibility than when he was at center


An extremely important read for every single poolie – why the 55-65 point players are underrated. (Hint: there aren't as many of them as you think.)


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The Ducks signed Mark Bell a few days ago – once a part of the destined-to-be-great ABC line with Tyler Arnason and Kyle Calder. I don't think I saw an NHL player care as little as Tyler Arnason did.


Did Andrew Cogliano have a future in Edmonton as a winger? Would his fantasy value increase on the wing? Probably. A great comparison is made – Maxim Afinogenov.


There is abundant talent within the player; perhaps it would come to the surface if Cogliano were to be freed from the defensive responsibilities of center, responsibilities that he clearly can’t handle.  That he wasn’t moved to the wing is mystifying — he was a poor defensive center who couldn’t win a faceoff — why keep him at center? I


Anaheim has a clear long-term need for a second line center once Koivu retires. I don't think Cogliano is the guy (he'll get the shot though, especially with the fat contract in h