July 31, 2011

Dobber Sports



Good morning! Welcome to Christmas Eve. With the Fantasy Guide out tomorrow, I'll be keeping this shortish. Probably the Monday edition, as well. But the Guide is unquestionably the best ever. I'm always trying to better what I do. I'm always thinking about what more to add to improve it. So each year, I find myself adding a little bit more gold, which means I'm putting more time into it. Thankfully, I've had Angus take on a bigger role in it, effectively negating the added time this year. There is a chance that the Draft List will not be available until Tuesday. So Monday is Guide, Tuesday is List. Okay? Hope that works for everyone.


Evgeni Malkin’s birthday is today. He turns 25. That’s it – 25. I marvel at the way some fantasy owners forget that this guy has posted 1.5 points per game before, and he will still get better.


Marc Savard update – not good. Still headaches, and will miss camp.


Our buddy Alessandro Seren Rosso translated this interview with Evgeni Kuznetsov. The quick version is this – he's not interested in playing in the AHL. He plans to be in the NHL in 2012-13. He is recovering from shoulder surgery that will keep him sidelined for another month.


Old time hockey. Remember Brad Marsh? Wow, this hair – fantastic:


📢 advertisement:


Primeau with the cheapshot, knocks Stock right into the broadcast booth. Ugly hit:



Keep firing me YouTube clips!