Capped – A Look at Bargain Right Wingers

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Right wing has taken over from what the left wing position once was, very shallow in the depth pool. In any league, let alone one with a salary cap, finding the right wingers late in your draft can be the difference between a top two finish and battling for a playoff spot. Below are some of the best right wing options who will produce for a fair price. Be aware that the value of these players can be boosted due to how important it is to have flexiblity and the ability to play your highest paid players, in a salary cap league. This means that these types of players are going to be drafted slightly earlier than they would in a typical pool. Don’t let these gems slip you by, but don’t draft them too early either, as it tends to be easier to trade for the “filler” players rather than the big names. Consider a typical roto-league that count G/A/P/PPP/PIM/SOG and plus/minus. The focus will be on the very affordable players.



Dustin Brown – Maybe the most value-oriented player in this setup, Brown can be counted on for 60 points and 25-30 goals each year. The top-six in LA has only gotten better, and while he may lose time on the first PP unit, Brown won’t lose out being shuffled between the top two lines anymore. Count on 30/30 with solid peripherals. Brown is one of the biggest hitters in the game and is bound to take misconducts due to his thunderous checks. 60 penalty minutes and somewhere around 250 shots on goal, give or take, should be expected. With an improving team expect his plus/minus to stay on the positive side. A cap-friendly player, the fact that his contract isn’t up for 3 more years adds a lot of value.


Cap Hit – $3,175,000/UFA 2014

Roto Strength – G/PIM/SOG


Chris Stewart – With more goal-scoring upside than Dustin Brown, Stewart is also the Blues best goal scorer. He’ll see plenty of time on the first unit PP, which is bound to be incredibly potent. Stewart is a power forward who plays with an edge and is willing to fight, which bodes well for the penalty minutes. Expect 60+ PIM, and as the Blues go-to goal scorer, expect 200+ shots. At 23, Stewart is far from hitting his prime and has already come very close to PPG status. He should see a favorable bump in pay next year, but coming in just under $3 million makes for great value.


Cap Hit – $2,875,000/UFA 2012

Roto Strength – G/P/PIM


Michael Grabner – 34 goals as a rookie? Grabner managed to make a couple of GM’s look silly this year, proving that a chance to play was all he needed. Blazing fast and a natural sniper, Grabner could become a consistent 40-goal threat, or he could shit the bed in his sophomore season as so many have done in the past. In a perfect situation on the Island, Grabner will see plenty of ice time and he should improve on his last year totals, if even only by a small margin. He finished just behind Dustin Brown for 41st in the league for shots on goal and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the top 20 next year. Much like Brown, Grabner decided to cash in on his big season and signed a lucrative five-year deal worth $15 million. Grabner will never be the multi-cat player that Brown and Stewart are, but his contract stability and low cap-hit is gold as long as last season wasn’t