August 02, 2011

Dobber Sports



The Fantasy Guide was released yesterday. Very proud of it. Great feedback. Definitely the best yet. And I've left enough goodies (articles) to give me extra content to add over the next two weeks. Only four or five typos this year. Usually closer to 10. Not bad for no editing department. But those have been fixed. Up to you if you want to re-download it, but I'm sure you know that Conklin is the Detroit backup, Budaj is the Montreal backup, Burns signed a new contract and Bryzgalov is the Philadelphia starter…


Ryan Kesler underwent surgery on his torn labrum and will miss 10-12 weeks. That wipes out training camp and puts the start of the season at risk. This is an example of an update that will go into the fantasy guide and also adjusts his projections. This kind of news comes through daily – so it’s great to have your butt covered.


Excellent comment below that I must address. Regarding the Stamkos/Malkin debate. In a keeper league, it is not close. Give me Malkin. Not close. Granted, he could be another Peter Forsberg, while Stamkos is the reliable Joe Thornton. This example is in the mid-90s – at the time, Forsberg looked like this 125-point player, while Thornton looked like a 110-point player. Hindsight is 20/20, but when Forsberg first jumped on the scene, we didn’t know if he would miss 75% of his games going forward. So all we can go by is talent. If healthy, he would have banged off several 125-plus seasons. But he wasn’t. Obviously, in hindsight, you go with Thornton. But early on you want the guy with the upside. It doesn’t matter if every second season he gives you a lemon because he wrecked his knee (or foot, in Forsberg’s case). You keep him for the extra 15 points or more that he brings in the other years. Now, for all I know, Malkin could wind up playing 40 games a year and retire by 2020. But that’s the risk you take. You go for the generational player. Perhaps his knee is fine going forward and he gives you his full potential (130? 140? More?) year in and year out.


In a one-year league, the risk is magnified. In that league, give me Stamkos. It’s too high a draft pick to take a chance on. If you lose your first-round pick for half the season, you’re toast.


As of late Monday, the vote was 57% to 43% for the "no" vote regarding the referendum on the new arena for the Islanders. Speculation is that this means the Islanders will move. I don't think so.


Versus will be rebranded as NBC Sports as of January 2. What a great day for hockey – Versus becomes bigger, the investment in sports grows, and guess which sport was right there on the ground floor? Sometimes, when you the roll the dice, things work out nicely.


Brent Burns has signed a five-year extension with the Sharks. He just loved playing there, his family loves it there, the schools are great, he's – what? He just got there a month ago? Oh.


I wonder if that number ($28.8 million divided by five – too lazy to do the math, long day) will be used in today's arbitration hearing for Shea Weber?


Vancouver's affiliate the Chicago Wolves have named Craig MacTavish their head coach.


Here's some footage of Peter Mueller out skating with Erik Johnson, courtesy of Adrian Dater.


Keeper league – 21 years old – 20 players, top 12 count, keep everyone. This is the first of three that I'm in, and also the most basic. But after winning three years ago and then stupidl