August 03, 2011

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Buy the Fantasy Guide here – it’s out now! The Draft List will be available in xls form and will be released later this afternoon.


The Preseason Draft List is now available for Download. Sorry for the delay.


David Perron will not be ready for training camp. D’Agostini owners start to see a glimmer of promise.


Another translated interview over on Russian Prospects by our buddy Alessandro Seren Rosso. This one is with Vladimir Tarasenko. The summary: he plans to play just this year in Russia, but the interview doesn’t come across as him being overly enthused to come over here. Not like some other Russians I’ve read about.


My THN column from yesterday – Canes, Hawks, Avs and Jackets.


The Shea Weber arbitration decision will come down today or tomorrow. The Preds were reportedly wanting $4.75 while Weber wanted $8.5. Let me guess – $7 million? Why do they bother going through the process and just cut to the chase – the decision is always in the middle and slightly skewed to the player.


Trent Hunter and Colin White cleared waivers and were bought out. Between that and the Rolston trade, the Devils have done it again! Now they have Parise locked up affordably for another year. White – 11 years with the team. It's a business. I complain that GM's show too much loyalty to players, needlessly re-signing them when they have replacements in the system. Well, here is a counter-point to that.

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The Isles have re-signed Blake Comeau to a one-year deal at $2.5 million.


A documentary from 2005 featuring a 12-year-old chasing his dream of becoming a pro player. That 12-year-old's name? Evgeny Kuznetsov.



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