August 04, 2011

Jeff Angus



The Canucks have invited Owen Nolan to training camp, as well as Todd Fedoruk. As things stand right now, I see Vancouver’s lines as (that being said, I’d bet my bottom dollar the team makes a trade before camp):










Nolan, aside from looking like he is 50 years old, was very serviceable during his last NHL stint. He isn’t a great skater but brings a lot to the table. Could fill a leadership role with the Canucks. I like the move. Fedoruk hasn’t been the same since having his face caved in by Colton Orr a few years ago, but more competition can’t hurt.


Unless you are in a salary cap league, great news for Patrick Sharp owners. Five year extension with a $5.9 million cap hit. Very fair term for a very underrated player. A threat to score 35 goals every season, brings loads of intangibles too.


The Coyotes signed Patrick O’Sullivan for the farm team. Lost interest in the guy three or four years ago. Pass.


San Jose has vastly improved their defense from last season. A top six of Boyle-Burns-Vlasic-Demers-Murray-White is very, very solid.


Bieksa, Cammalleri, and others weigh on some hockey matters. Bieksa with a few good lines in there – he speaks the truth regarding rule differences in the playoffs.


Shea Weber was awarded one year at $7.5 million from the arbitrator. The Preds have to seriously consider trading him over the next year or two, as they can't risk losing him for nothing.


Nashville would be best to pursue a trade involving multiple young forwards with top upside coming back. They have a lot of talent on defense – without Weber they could still roll out a group featuring Suter, Blum, Klein, Ellis, Josi, and Ekholm in a few years.


I think the writing is on the wall for Weber in Nashville. He wants to win, and I'm not sure he feels that will be possible if he remains with the Predators.


Weber is still an RFA next summer meaning the Preds have his rights, but the last thing you want to do is have an RFA in his final year on a one-year deal before he becomes unrestricted (look at Parise in New Jersey as a perfect example).


Ryan Kesler tried to rehab his hip injury without surgery, but it wasn't getting any better. He went under the knife a few days ago and is slated to return in early-to-mid October. I'd temper my expectations a bit, as he'll be missing a few months of training as well as most of or all of training camp.


A good read on Kesler and his potential linemates.

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