August 07, 2011

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For those of you who reaaaaally like to go nutty with the analysis, here is a good one analyzing the righty/lefty defensive/offensive rearguard pairing in Washington. Greenberg opines that Alzner and Carlson will be the No.1 shutdown pair and that Green/Hamrlik will be the offensive pairing. Greenberg likens Wisniewski to Green and figures Hamrlik will be the perfect complement to his game. If so, both Green and Hamrlik should see a small rise in production even with the newish defensive system that the team is employing.


San Jose No.3 guy Alex Stalock will not even begin practice again until February 14. A full year recovering from a leg injury in which a skate cut a nerve near his left knee.


I asked a question on Twitter – who finishes last this year – and got some interesting answers. Most notably, to me, was Phoenix. The Coyotes lost Bryzgalov. And the way I figure it, a last place team would need 60 points, maybe 65 or fewer. They had 99 points last year. The reasons I'm hearing, such as "the team has nobody at center ice" – that reason doesn't fly, because they didn't have anyone there last year either. If anything, they are better at center. Because, although you can't "assume" that a young player improves with each year, you also can't "assume" that a young player gets worse. And, in fact, more young players get better, than get worse. So let's assume that at the very least Kyle Turris improves by one percent. Just like that the team is better up the middle. Anyway, I agree wholeheartedly that the team sucks at center, but it is no different than a year ago when they got 99 points. So how much does a Bryzgalov to Smith/LaBarbera drop them? Ten fewer wins? That won't get them last. They would need nearly 20 fewer wins to get last. Bottom line: on paper, you are correct, this team is the worst. But last year they should have been worse than they were, and they weren't.


Interesting analysis on Magnus Paajarvi's shots per game, compared to other players at the age of 19.


Teemu Selanne's decision – wait another month please. My guess? He's back.


So if it was Justin Braun and not Sean Avery, would this story get any play? The amount I care about this story ranks somewhere between how well the Oprah channel is doing and how many eggs my neighbor ate this morning. And any whiner who barks about how Avery should be out of the league now probably needs a girlfriend (or boyfriend). Keep yourself busy!


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Drew Doughty, still without a contract – and now there are rumblings of a holdout? Uh oh…


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James Sheppard is in a great spot in San Jose, and as long as he plays wing then I like him for a fourth-line spot. Once there, and being eased back into things, he could climb his way up to the third line. With a solid, healthy season and low expectations, perhaps in 2012-13 he can get back on track.


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