Poolie Journals : The Perfect Trading Partners

Gates Imbeau




The following entry features two teams with opposing building goals become perfect trading partners – eventually coming to terms on a blockbuster. This trade effectively triggers one team's rebuild, and actively attempts to complete the other team's road to victory. Experience both views in detail and witness the results of their decisions.


Anatomy of a Blockbuster trade :

Team A –
Our Win Now team that has committed to go all-in
Team B –
Our rebuild team that has finally decided to go into a three year rebuild.


The rebuilding GM realizes that they are losing arguably the better tender in Lundqvist, and forward in Sharp. However, they are already looking ahead. A quick debriefing of the players should be done in order to gauge value and tradability:

Kulikov – Can be a favourite on any team due to age/value/ELC. Easily movable.
Pavelski – Young, on a strong team, and very nice contract. Easily movable.
Fleury – Leagues where deep playoff teams are major incentives, Fleury is golden. Easily movable.
Guaranteed a 1st and a 3rd Round draft pick – great for future and timeline.
And finally three project prospects to stock the shelves.

As a follow up, the rebuilding team can either sit on these pieces or continue to breakdown, essentially starting a snowball effect. With the latter, there is no time to get attached to pieces that are already on the move. Trading these newly acquired players, alongside other "win now" bodies, with the goal of scouting intriguing picks and prospects is key.

Once completed, the rebuilding team should have accumulated multiple 1st, 2ndand 3rd round picks within the next two entry drafts as well as acquired multiple top prospects, filling up a much needed cupboard of talent. In doing so, the rebuilding GM will have successfully reset their team's timeline and the waiting game will begin.

On the other hand, the win now team sees the same deal in a very different mindset:
1) Downgrade Kulikov to Montador, who is still serviceable given the league's playoff structure.
2) Have that difference spread out