Top 100 Roto Players: August

Gates Imbeau


Readers, you are looking at the last edition of the Roto Exclusive – Vol 1. September's edition will see major modifications done to the top 100 including the addition of hits and blocked shots, a revamped "PG" roto score, more distinction between "win now" and "rebuild" players and much more. Going with a to-the-point type feel gives you a clean cut product. Check the list out here.

This edition puts emphasis on the different mindsets needed to build a team, and better your chances at winning. Through Brandon Nihmey's "What I Learned" series, poolies can see firsthand detailed experiences of one year rotisserie, head-to-head and auto draft leagues. Whereas those in dynasty keeper leagues, my piece on perfect trading partners may just be what the doctor ordered.    

As always, the Black Aces were quite busy this month – three new teams covered, a new collaborated project and announcing the forum voted 2011-12 DobberHockey banner launch date. I can say with great confidence that you can fully expect even more goodies before puck drop!

Lastly, I am very excited about the blue prints laid out for a trio of articles that will reboot my Trade Fever series. Named "Jack of all Trades", the title of the trilogy suits it well – given the double meaning, of course!  

Thank you for all the feedback given since day one, very appreciated.

Enjoy the read!

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