The Ultimate Fantasy Pool – Vegas Edition

Jeff Angus





In a little under four weeks, I'll be heading off to Vegas for some fun. One reason I am heading down is to meet up with several members of the Ultimate Fantasy Pool – a keeper league that uses head-to-head scoring. I have been in the league for two years now, and it features some stiff competition (all of our league members read this site, and one is among the regular columnists).


Over the next few weeks, I am going to introduce the league and each of the 12 teams to the DobberHockey readers. The three teams today – Biscuits & Gravy (Alex), DraperNEuroTwinSauce (Rhys), and the Bulldogs (Shannon).


The questions asked:


1)    What is your outlook for 2011-12?

2)    Best trade made over the past year?

3)    Worst trade made over the past year?

4)    Overall team philosophy – how do you build your team?

5)    How has the inclusion of the hit statistic changed things ?

6)    Favorite parts about the league


The League
The Crosby Show (yours truly)
Hextall’s Hackers (Tim Lucarelli)
Legion (Jeff)
Great Whites (Cory)
DraperNEuroTwinSauce (Rhys)
Wookie Sandwich (Scott)
Wu Crew (Jake)
Bulldogs (Shannon)
Biscuits and Gravy (Alex)
Fire on Ice (Bill)
Las Vegas Thunder (Bret)
El Loco’s Sharks (Jason)