August 17, 2011

Dobber Sports



Fantasy Guide is updated, including more deets on the 3-Tiered Invitational and my team-by-team goals-for analysis.


Here’s an interesting one – the Flyers have announced that Michael Nylander has accepted a pro tryout offer for training camp. The Jagr – Nylander stuff never dies, eh? I think he would have to beat out Schenn for a spot, which is not likely.


Well, I don’t need to prepare anything for THIS part of the Three-Tiered Invitational – so I might as well get the jump on this now. If you want to be part of the random draw that invites about 50 people into the Entry Tier, send me an email with subject line “I want in!” and in the body – your first and last name. Oh, and  you have to have bought the Guide – I will be checking!


I delayed the Guide update because I'm hoping to get in information on my annual Three-Tiered Invitational Rotisserie League. That's my job this morning – gather up all that stuff.


Today's ramblings are brought to you by Twitter. And man, it makes doing the ramblings easier when there is absolutely no news. Sorry, I stand corrected – Andre Deveaux signed with the Rangers. Um, yeah.


I was asked about this year's top European and NCAA free agent signings, but that's too broad. Anyone specific? Generally speaking, none of them (except Jagr) will make an impact this season. But there should be a few who make an impact over the next three years. And I'd be interested to see Janne Pesonen make the Jets.


Steve Downie – Carcillo or Shanahan? Closer to Shanahan than Carcillo. But obviously not that good. The thing with Downie is the injuries. He strikes me as a lock to miss at least 10 games a season, and will frequently miss 20. That should see to it that he never reaches 65 points and will make it tough for him to ever reach 60. But I think of him as a 50-point, 200-PIM player, in 65 or 70 games.


Tomas "Flash" Fleischmann – can he make it through a whole season and be consistent? Can he make it through a whole season – no. But I don't believe the blood clots will be a problem. But he was somewhat fragile to begin with. So I think 80 games will be rare for him – he'll be one of those players who plays 70 or 75 per season. And he's very streaky. However, because he's making so much money, the Panthers are going to play the hell out of him. This obviously would help anyone play their way out of a funk. So this is why I think Flash will become a star in Florida. The guy has shown that he can be a point-per-game guy in spurts. And those spurts will happen often now thanks to prime ice time.


Someone asked about my difference of opinion with Ryan Ma about Patrik Berglund. Ma said in his recent article that his feeling is that Berglund will fall short of 50 points. I predicted 59 in the Guide and a dark horse for 70 in his fourth NHL season. It's just a difference of opinion. He went from 26 points to 52 and I don't think Ryan is buying it. But I think it was the 26 that was the aberration and I put my money where my mouth is by acquiring him in one of my leagues last month. Ryan sees that Berglund got some ice time thanks to injuries to Oshie, McDonald and Perron. And now Oshie and McDonald are fine. Whereas I see Berglund as a key part of the top-six core and a future first-line center. The coach is trusting him more and more and I think we'll see that this year.