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Why is it that some GMs always seem to walk out of the draft with a team that maybe doesn't blow you away with big names but always performs pretty well?  If you're in a multi-category league, they're either really lucky or they're rigorously tracking their team as it unfolds in the draft to make sure they contribute to the categories they want.  Meanwhile, you're looking at your roster and wondering what was I thinking?

Never screw up a draft again. Draft like a star with the Draft Guru as your secret weapon.


You'll make the right picks early, get the best late-round steals, and best value out of every pick.  With the help of the Draft Guru, it's easy to pick the most valuable players in every round of your draft to end up with a strong, well-balanced team.


So how does it work?  Here's a glimpse of the Draft Guru in action:


Create A New Draft Guru

First you need to configure your league setup and generate a set of rankings.  From there, enter the names of the teams.  If you want to input a series of keepers, check the box accordingly.



From there, just enter the picks as they go, and dominate your competition at the draft table. After every pick, you'll get real-time advice on how to improve your team with your next pick.


Look below to see a sneak peak of the edge the Draft Guru gives:


A Summary of your team And your drafting priorities

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A list of the Top Available Players OVERALL



A Look at the best AVAILABLE players by position