September 01, 2011

Jeff Angus



Please take a look at the evolving Goalie Post site – the starting goalie grid is now set up on the front (free section) page. Get an idea of what it will look like. If you are in a league that requires daily transactions, you would LOVE to sign up for the email alerts. It works like this: you check off the boxes of each team that you want an alert for. Any news involving the goaltending on that team will be sent to you immediately. Comes in handy that you get an alert at 6:50 that your starter pulled a groin in warmups – we just saved you. You can make the switch before puck drop…thanks to that alert. Not bad – and that is just ONE of the things you will get for 83 cents per month. We can work out an interest-free loan arrangement if that’s a little too rich for you ;). But these sites are shutting down right, left and center because of how hard they are to run. So trust me – your support is essential, and we will make it more than worth your money.


I want to say a few words about Wade Belak. I never knew him personally, but I know that he was a guy who I would have truly enjoyed my time with. A happy, joking, fun-loving guy who not only loved the game of hockey, but seemed to really tackle the media jobs that he did with full enthusiasm. On Leafs TV or in radio studios, he was entertaining and always willing/happy to poke fun at himself if it would make people laugh. He had a couple of jobs lined up for the season ahead – Battle of the Blades, as a contestent, plus a gig as a sidelines reporter or analyst (I’m not clear on which) for the Predators. He will never be forgotten by me, simply for the small role that he played in my life. Not so much an influence, but an interesting sidebar that I was always fond of sharing. When I worked in an office as an inventory planner and DobberHockey/THN/ Fourth Period/ Forecaster were just side jobs, I had my review and it wasn’t favorable. Basically, I hadn’t been putting in the effort and enthusiasm that I put in the year before (understandable, given that I was putting in a good 25 hours a week into my hockey stuff and was burnt out). My boss had decided to delay any raises for six months and then re-review. I was angry and frustrated, my heart was pounding when I left there because I was certain that when I returned on the Monday it would be to submit my resignation. Hockey was making me – enough, barely – to live on, and my wife was doing very well. So with those thoughts running through my head and trying to decide how to discuss/convince my wife, I get off the elevator and Belak walks past me. It really hits home, this memory, because he was with his little girl who at the time was the same age that my daughter Avery is right now. Just a beautiful, sweet little girl and I can’t begin to imagine what she and her sister and their mother are going through and my thoughts and prayers – all of our thoughts and prayers – are with them. Wade stopped and talked to me for a moment, even though he was clearly busy he was also very approachable and took the time for me. He probably figured I was some weirdo, too, given my state of mind at that moment. Anyway, that day was a turning point in my life and in the direction of DobberHockey and Wade Belak’s cameo, however small, will never be forgotten. – DD


Welcome to September! Not sure about you, but July and August seemed to fly by.


Tough news regarding Wade Belak – I know Dobber was a huge fan of Belak, and I was too. Seemed like an incredibly well-liked teammate and all-aro