September 06, 2011

Dobber Sports



Here is an update on Kyle Turris contract talks – he’s looking for a three or four-year deal in the neighborhood of $3.5 million per. Wowzers. If I’m him, I look for two years at $2 million per…and then count myself lucky if I get it. If you paid that much for potential and not reality, then Robbie Schremp would be making $12 million right now.


Hey! After banging off 10 speeding tickets in my first 15 years of driving and then going on a lucky run of zero in the last six years…I was nailed this morning. D’oh! (speed trap at Finch near Altona for my Pickering readers)


Sidney Crosby will meet with the media tomorrow at 12:30 to announce his retirement update us about his concussion symptoms. This is the moment that fantasy owners have been waiting for. But why do I get the feeling that Sid pulls out the ol’ Gary Bettman handbook and gives us 20 minutes of nothing?


Also, I should note, that the DobberHockey Expert’s Tier draft will be held tonight! First draft of the season for me. My competition: Jason Arbuthnot (Frozen Pool), Jeff Angus, Anthony Lancione (Saturday’s Picks), Brendan Ross (The Dean’s List), Dave Poleck (Looking Ahead), Brian Kom (Dobber Nation), Tim Lucarelli (Eastern Edge), Gates Imbeau (Market Buzz), Russ Miller (Pro Winner and former Eastern Edge Writer), John Turner (Hockey Knight), Stu McDonald (Stu’s Slant), Steve Laidlaw (Cage Match), Marty Kwiaton (Saturday’s Picks), Paul Nielson (Hockey Pool Geek), Peter Hadley (Pro Winner) and Ryan Ma (Wild West). Pro and Entry league invites should be going out today or tomorrow.


The Fantasy Guide will be updated later today. I will also try to have the Draft List updated later today… and submit an update to Apple for the iPhone Draft Buddy app – that takes up to 24 hours. So today is "update day"!


The gentlemen over at Copper and Blue have been pumping Teemu Hartikainen's tires these last several days. They are high on his all-around game, as am I. However, I think that because of his skill set and what the Oilers have in the pipeline for their top six, he will end up being a third liner. That being said, he will be a productive and valuable third liner. I often compare those to Michal Handzus in his Philly days. He was a third-line center who checked, yet still managed to flirt with 50 points. Casey Cizikas is another example (NYI prospect). Hartikainen is a left wing, though, so Rene Bourque may be a better comparable. I'm thinking midseason, before he makes his permanent NHL move.


It's funny that I used the term "pumping tires" above, and then as I continue browsing through the same website they had that in their next headline regarding Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Anyway, in this piece they imply that the real RNH was the superstar who went nutty in the second half last season…but then they wonder if he is a second-half player rather than a whole-year player.


Flyers' GM Paul Holmgren was in a serious bike accident,