September 05, 2011

Dobber Sports



Check in throughout the day below, as I announce the winners of Sunday's draw to enter the Three-Tiered Rotisserie Invitational. Odds of getting in are one in five. FINAL list posted – the reserves are in order – and they do get called upon if the originals can’t make their draft time.


According to Hockey's Future and Canes Country, Zac Dalpe is the top prospect for the Hurricanes. I wholeheartedly agree and recommend him in all keeper formats and even late in some deeper one-year leagues.


Barely a mention of rookie forward Paul Byron in this piece previewing the Calgary Flames. But I like Byron as a dark horse, and since Jarome Iginla's centermen will be a revolving door…hey, you never know. Another late-round flyer.


So where does Bryan McCabe sign? It's getting kinda late… Minnesota would be a good fit. Columbus would be okay as well. Back in Florida? Does Nashville go after him now that Bouillon is out for awhile longer? Or do they give Roman Josi/Ryan Ellis a real chance?


Those of you who emailed me for a "pack" upgrade, give me another day or so – I'm still sorting out how to set up coupons…and may have to just manually invoice you. I appreciate you working with me on this.


Here are the first names in the Entry Tier…I will be adding names 10 at a time underneath this list:


Entry – demoted from Pro

Thomas Johansson

Justin Goldman


Entry – finished 2nd last year so they stick

Brent Shantz

Jake Elliot

Chad Pottruff

Shane Laur


Entry – random draw

Marc Wallace

Alvin Chiu

Roger Brouard

Steve Woodhall


Chris Wassel
David Wolodarsky
Oliver Hirst
Paul Winford
David Harding
Meghan Schulz
Robert Leblanc
Keith Veronese
Jack Cornely
Brandon Praba


Jason Bowden

Wade Colborne

Tony Dickherber

Jake Jouppi

Sebastien Duval

Jeff Renaud

Jeremy Wark

Shawn Cure

Steve Henderson

Geoff Henwood-Greer



Blaine Robinson

Steve Kaltchev

Chris Read

Corey Peltz

📢 advertisement:

Julian Wong

Ryan Spillett

Collin Adams

Todd Cubitt

Jamie Herron

Aaron Pederson




Brian Karsten

David Comeau

Derrek Nador

Amyn Dodhia

Karl Schenk

Luke Friesen

Simon Castonguay

Craig Bernes

Daniel Bourgeois

Vinny Morran




Shane Warner

Ryan Keene

Eric Arseneau

Chris Cowle