He’s Ba-a-ck! Fergusson Audits – September, 2011

Ian Fergusson




Welcome back to An Expert's Audit.  Every month we'll take a look at a reader's keeper league team in the hopes of helping him toward a championship.  If you're interested in getting an audit for your own keeper team you can begin the process by emailing Dobber about it.


Colin Nash is a white horse dentist.  I guess that means he checks the teeth on Lipizanner stallions or something.  Ok, I'm an idiot, he's a dentist in Whitehorse.  I didn't realize they had Lipizanner's up there though.  Colin is in an 11 team points league in which he has been held out of the money for three years running even though they have cash prizes during the season and playoffs.  They start 8 forwards, 4 defensemen, 2 goalies and 1 Calder eligible skater.  Skaters score by points only and goalies get 2 points for a win and 3 more for a shuttie.  At any rate, it's a long road to the top.


Let's take a look at the team.


F Jason Spezza OTT – he's a pt/game guy and if he has some talent to dish to then he can get up toward a pt and a half per game.  The Sens are in desperate need of healthy seasons out of their entire top line and they'll need a couple offensive surprises in order to be viable.  Spetz is carrying most of the offensive weight on his shoulders and I suspect that it'll be too much to bear… again.


F Bobby Ryan ANA – in a season following an MVP year for Perry I've got to think that teams are going to key on Perry and Getzlaf more whenever they enter the offensive zone.  That's bound to create all sorts of extra room for Ryan on the other side of the ice.  It should be noted that of his 71 points last year only 10 of them came on the PP, so what do you suppose would happen if he got more time with the extra man and he was able to keep up his regular strength production?  Yeah, he's gonna bust out.


F Mike Cammalleri MON – when he's healthy and all the ducks are in a row then he'll pull down a pt/game for you.  If he gets as much as a hangnail though then all bets are off.  There has been an offensive void for the Habs that he has been poised to fill for too long now.


F Tomas Plekanec MON – speaking of the offensive void for the Habs, we have another great candidate to fill it up (the void and the net itself).  I could see him taking the next step into the upper echelon of the scoring race if everything comes together for him.


F Rich Peverley BOS – the trade to Boston last year got him a cup but it'll also mean that his fantasy value tanks.  There are too many options ahead of him in Boston and I'd stay away from him in just about any format I can think of.  Now having said that, he's not the sort to dump to the wire in a fantasy league (even though he was once waiver wire fodder for real) so I'd look for a taker if I could find one.


F Tomas Fleischmann FLA – if the Cats give the opportunity that they apparently have available to them for Fleischmann to play in their top 6 then we could see a decent