Enlightened You Shall Be (West 2011)

Ryan Ma




Over the course of the last few weekends I participated in a few Yahoo! mock drafts to gain a better grasp of what's been going on in the "real" fantasy hockey world. I thought I'd pass my findings onto you Dobberities. I participated in random drafts ranging from eight to 14 teams from H2H to Roto leagues with standard settings. This is what I have concluded.


It's the opposite to last week's article of players who are undervalued and under-rated in Yahoo! fantasy pools.


Now, onto the good stuff!


Corey Perry – RW- Anaheim

Average: 5.3

Yahoo-Rank: 5

Dobber Expert League: HockeyKnight (3rd overall)


I mentioned Perry a few times the last couple of weeks, and I'm staying the course with my initial opinion of him. It's not that I don't want him on my fantasy team, it's just that it's a damn high investment of a fifth overall pick for someone who's only had one statistically great season. You've probably read all of the reasoning behind a possible decline for Perry, so I won't bombard you with that again, but you also have to keep in mind that in a 12, maybe even 14-team league, RWers are so plentiful that if you miss out on Perry you still have quite a few options in the next 4-5 rounds who would still produce similar numbers. I know it's bloody hard to see his name dangling there in front of you, but it'd be a wise move to go after a player that's from a shallower position.


Anze Kopitar – C- Los Angeles

Average: 15.5

Yahoo-Rank: 11

Dobber Expert League: HockeyKnight (33rd overall)


Quiz time: Which player would you rather have (based on the previous average three-year production)?

Player A: 71.3 GP, 21 G, 57.7 A, 78.7 P, plus 7.7, 78.3 PIMs, 28.7 PPP, and 164.3 SOG

Player B: 77.7 GP, 34 G, 39.7 A, 73.7 P, plus 3, 63.3 PIMs, 25.3 PPP and 315 SOG

Player C: 79.7 GP, 28.7 G, 44.7 A, 73.3 P, plus 4.7, 22.7 PIMs, 26.3 PPP and 242 SOG

Player D: 80.3 GP, 22 G, 59.7 A, 81.7 P, plus 12.3, 52.3 PIMs, 32.3 PPP and 143 SOG


Player A is Ryan Getzlaf, player B is Eric Staal, player C is Kopitar and player D is Joe Thornton. Now consider their relative draft positions. Getzlaf (36.2), Staal (35.6), Kopitar (15.5) and Thornton (45.5): which one of the four doesn't fit in like the others? I wouldn't mind having Kopitar on my team, but the price of a second round pick is just too expensive for my liking. I can essentially wait two rounds and snag a Thornton, while having the exact same production and saving my second round pick. Think of this scenario, would you rather have a combo of Pavel Datsyuk and Thornton or the combo of Kopitar and Vanek? What about Getzlaf and Kovalchuk or Kopitar and Marleau?


Antti Niemi – G– San Jose

Average: 26.0

Yahoo-Rank: 20

Dobber Expert League: Nation of Domination (27th overall)


Niemi had a fantastic season when he posted a 35-18-6 record, along with a very respectable 2.38 GAA and .920 save percentage last campaign. The only problem for me was that those numbers were posted with an injured Antero Niittymaki on the shelf for much of the season with a lower body injury, which kind of forced Niemi into the number one role by default. He definitely played well enough last campaign, to enter this season as the number one, but a hiccup/cold streak and the