Playing the Peripheral Game (West 2011)

Ryan Ma




The addition of peripheral stats, such as HITs and BS, has become more prevalent amongst fantasy hockey pools this season. Although there are plenty of similarities between drafting in a standard settings league (G, A, +/-, PIMs, PPP, SOG, W, SV%, GAA and SO) and a league that includes HITs and BS, the addition of two extra stats could really throw a curveball in how you approach the draft.


If you look at the Hockey Pool Geek settings, Daniel Sedin leads the way with a HPG rating of 72 in standard Yahoo! leagues, but only has a HPG rating of 42 in leagues that have those two extra stats. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Dustin Brown maintains a HPG rating of 40 in leagues that record HITs and BS, but only a plus six rating in standard Yahoo! leagues.


The easiest way to gain an edge over your competition is to go and have a play around with the settings over at Hockey Pool Geek, it'll pretty much give you all of the information you'll need to know for your drafts. Another fantastic tool, which is a "must-have" for poolies, is the new draft guru. You can enter the players you've drafted and it'll churn out all of the numbers to help point in the direction of your weakest areas, so you can adjust on the fly or post-draft. Definitely something that's worth investing some time and money in.


I've also included the draft position that the player was taken in as part of the fairly popular Rocky Horror Roto Show, which features a few of the more popular members of the DobberHockey forums to give you some insight into where these players are relatively drafted.


Onto the key information.



↑ Mike Richards – Los Angeles

Yahoo! Rank: 43

RHRS: 52nd (House of 1000 Orpiks) (4T2)

Generally speaking, the defense position is where you're going to garner the most BS from, but if you can managed to squeeze in a few from some of your offensive slots, then that just makes your team that much better. Richards has ranked 27th, first, eleventh, and sixth in the league amongst all centermen in the BS department since 2007. Getting an extra 70-odd BS could certainly tip you over the edge against your competition, so keep his name at the back of your mind come draft day.


↑Mike Fisher – C – Nashville

Yahoo! Rank: 195

RHRS: 239th (Silence of the Stams) (Dyzfunctioned)

Fisher is still dealing with complications from an off-season shoulder injury, which kind of devalues him in the early part of the season. If you can look beyond that fact, he could be a great asset to your fantasy squad. Fisher finished last campaign ranked first and 16th amongst all centermen in terms of BS and Hits. There isn't a lot of competition up the middle for Fisher in Nashville, so he should receive plenty of ice-time to repeat, if not better his peripheral numbers from last year.


↓ Pavel Datsy