October 13, 2011

Jeff Angus



My latest for the Canucks Army – two under the radar (and fantasy relevant) defensive prospects to keep an eye on.


Buzz out of Pittsburgh regarding Crosby being cleared for contact… (hat tip to Mike Brophy on Twitter for reporting this).


Nashville defenseman Mattias Ekholm is making his NHL debut tonight. He had 10 goals last season in the SEL and could be a decent sleeper if he manages to stick on one of the power play units.


I remember Marek Zidlicky coming out of left field for the Preds a few years ago – Eckholm could be the next big fantasy surprise.


I’ve made the point before, but I will do it again. If you come across any interesting and relevant news or info, pass it my way (angus at dobberhockey dot com). I don’t get to watch every game and as we all know, you can only learn so much from reading a box score. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you want to contribute.


The Fantasy Guide and Draft List are updated up to Friday, October 7. Hope you enjoyed this year's (sixth) edition. I'm thrilled with the content – better than ever. Also happy with the projections – I took fewer risks, only necessary ones, and I think in the end reeling it back in benefits everyone.


A solid read on the Kyle Turris situation, which inches closer and closer to disaster for both sides.


From the above:


"Kyle Turris is the first holdout of any significance in the current CBA.  He might be a test case for players like him, except that we may have a different CBA next year so this test case does not apply.  It hurts the Phoenix Coyotes to lose a player of his potential and probably be forced to trade him for less than full value.  It hurts Kyle Turris to lose a season in his development.  Although both sides can be faulted for the current impasse, the real problem is a systemic one from the CBA.  As a restricted free agent with no arbitration rights, Kyle Turris is stuck in a position where there is no outside force to bring about a resolution.  Both sides have made their "final" offers and are waiting for the other side to accept them.  Compromise is going to be hard to negotiate."

I won't pretend to get inside the head of Turris or his agent, but I really don't understand their game plan here. The Coyotes aren't in a position to be strong-armed – if this was a market like Edmonton or Toronto, perhaps fan or media pressure would help them out. I'm not saying the Coyotes have no fans, but it is a different situation.


Secondly, Turris has proven squat. A lot of NHL players are being given big money for their second contract without proving a whole lot (van Riemsdyk recently is an example, there are countless others), but unlike most/all of these guys, Turris literally has proven nothing. He hasn't dominated at the NHL level, hell he hasn't even dominated at the AHL level.


What happens if Turris sits out the year? He, more so than most other players, needs to be getting prime minutes right now to develop and grow offensively.


Interesting news out of Long Island – with no team in the QMJHL to play for, is